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Dr. Weiger Nuts Powder rich in high-quality vegetable protein, Vitamin B group, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium and more. 

Dr. Weiger Nuts Powder can be dissolved in water completely or using food processer to mix with fruits and vegetables for energy-drink, it will make the flavor more various. 

All nuts are agricultural product. Only harvest once a year. Only use the freshest seasonal picks never from last season’s storage.

Under the strict quality control, the quality of Dr. Weiger Nuts Powder is highly stable. It provides the best alternative to dairy milk for everyone.             

Ingredients: Oats, Pine Nuts, Dates, Jujube, Chestnuts, Almond, Lotus Seed, Walnut, Job’s tears, Glucose, Isolated Soy Protein (I.S.P.)

NET WT.450g/ Can, 25g*32 packs/ Box, 25g*12 packs/ Box

We wellcome private labeling !